Military Classified: Brock


When Brock walked through Military Classified‘s front door, they were impressed by his tall lean body but what caught their attention even more was the high and tight he was sporting which made him doubly good looking. Rob sat him down and tried to explain my plea and showed him how a straight guy could capitalize on an opportunity like this even though its something not customary to a straight guy sexually.


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Mormonboyz: Elder Larsen


Elder Larsen received a call on Sunday from his Mission President telling him to report to the temple immediately with his companion. No explanation was provided. Wasn’t the temple supposed to be closed on Sunday?

The two boys got in their car, and Larsen couldn’t help but be worried.


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Broke Straight Boys: Dustin Powers and Kayden Winters


Dustin Powers and Kayden Winters are both pretty new to Broke Straight Boys, and while neither of them have tons of experience with fucking a guy, they’ve paired them up because they know they’ll make a hot scene! They kiss and undress, getting right to it as Kayden gets Dustin on the bed and shoves Dustin’s juicy cock into his mouth, giving some amazing head while Dustin closes his eyes and enjoys the feeling of Kayden’s lips around his shaft.


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Falcon Studios: Boomer Banks and Aaron Steel


In the Auto Erotic Shop, Boomer Banks can’t keep his hands off Aaron Steel‘s amazing chest hair. It’s got Boomer’s paws wandering all the way down to Aaron’s sexy pubes. They quickly ditch their overalls, and Aaron races for Boomer’s massive cock. Boomer’s got his eyes on the finish line, the hairy crack of Aaron’s ass and the hole it conceals. It’s not long before Boomer‘s cock lands in Aaron’s ass.


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Jimmy Durano and Jorge Fusco are soon to be stepbrothers. Their parents are getting married the next day so time is running out. Jimmy offers to show his soon to be stepbrother, Jorge, how good it feels to be with a man. After a little convincing Jorge agrees, and Jimmy gets to sucking his cock, and priming his tight virgin hole before sliding his cock deep inside Jorge.


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QC Open Forum: Is The O-Face Alone A Good Turn On For You?

QC Open Forum: Is The O-Face Alone A Good Turn On  For You?

For some it’s the pinnacle of the erotic situations, to others, the o-faces men do during climax are something to mock about. A very specific soft-core erotica covered by sites like Beautiful Agony is increasing it’s popularity as it shows facial expressions of men during their orgasm and focus on that and nothing else. For example, Hollywood gave us memorable scenes in which male celebrities have made great cum faces for the enjoyment of mainstream audiences and some people think it verges comedy instead of being something erotic to derive sexy thoughts from. We ask you QC reader are O-faces alone a turn-on for you? Check these videos after the jump and tell us in the comments!

QC Open Forum: Is The O-Face Alone A Good Turn On  For You?

QC Open Forum: Is The O-Face Alone A Good Turn On  For You?

QC Open Forum: Is The O-Face Alone A Good Turn On  For You?

QC Open Forum: Is The O-Face Alone A Good Turn On  For You?

QC Open Forum: Is The O-Face Alone A Good Turn On  For You?

Orgasms in mainstream movies vid via: Jezebel

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Bel Ami: Todd and Claude Sorel


Bel Ami could be tempted to call this scene an unreleased archive, but as it is their last proper condom free scene with Todd they think it deserves a special place (there is still a home video and a scene with condoms that you haven’t seen yet).

Here he is paired with another of our favorite boys Claude Sorel. Claude works in Bel Ami’s Prague office so is around most of the time to make everyone’s day just that little bit more special.


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CollegeDudes: Aspen Fucks Blake Jordan

CollegeDudes: Aspen Fucks Blake Jordan

Aspen isn’t shy about asking for what he wants, and that includes oral! After a quick kiss, he shoves his partner, Blake Jordan, down toward his cock and expects Blake to suck his big dick! Of course, Blake eagerly shoves Aspen’s dick in his mouth and gives Aspen some killer oral as he works his hand and lips around Aspen’s hard cock, pushing that dick deep down his throat as Aspen watches him from above.

CollegeDudes: Aspen Fucks Blake Jordan

Blake’s cock-sucking skills must be making Aspen weak in the knees because he moves things over to the bed and they 69, both giving and receiving until Aspen flips Blake over onto his stomach and starts to tease his tight little hole.

When Aspen’s confident he’s got Blake’s ass prepped for his huge cock, he lubes up and shoves his throbbing dick inside of Blake, fucking him hard and deep while he uses Blake’s shirt to pull him into the perfect positions. Aspen gets a little rough, holding Blake’s arm behind his back and smacking his ass while he buries himself balls deep in Blake’s tight hole. It’s not much longer until both of these boys are draining their cocks and cumming all over!

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Maskurbate: JP Unmasked

Maskurbate: JP Unmasked

It’s been a long time since we seen JP on Maskurbate. He wrote to Pascal on Facebook asking if he could make another scene, so Pascal told him to come to his place and show what his body looks like now, without any promise. It didn’t take long for Pascal to offer him another scene, but this time, unmasked. At 26, JP really worked hard at the gym and it showed.

Maskurbate: JP Unmasked

Though he gained mass, he kept his flat stomach. Having this stud in the living room was awesome! Maskurbate shot this scene so you could feel like you were in the room with them. Hope you’ll enjoy seeing JP again!

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Corbin Fisher: Vince

Corbin Fisher: Vince

Vince is a horny guy that has an endless supply of surprises on Corbin Fisher. He likes jerking off and getting laid – and he is not at all shy to talk about all of it – from losing his virginity in the backseat of a luxury car to his deep seeded fantasy of hooking up with an ex-girlfriend’s mom!

Corbin Fisher: Vince

His outgoing personality is attractive but the magic of his appeal kicks into high gear when he takes his shirt off. This guy has an amazing body. He’s tan, completely fit with abs for days – he even has that tantalizing trail of hair that draws your eyes down to his bulging boxers.

Corbin Fisher: Vince

Vince‘s body is a great surprise – but wait till you see his cock! No wonder he has to jack off his morning wood, he’d never get anything done with that giant dick of his drawing way too much attention! Even with his two hands wrapped around it, his head still pokes out. He breathes heavy and fantasizes about the hot sex. When he unloads, the thick white cum lands on that gorgeous trail of hair. His dick remains hard and we wonder how many more of these he has in him!

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