Tim Tales: Koldo and David Avila




A new Man from Spain with a huge Cock is debuing today on Timtales. 23 year old Koldo is always horny and he likes to fuck. Tim needed an experienced Bottom for the receiving end and asked David Avila who is back in Porn after a longer break to take the part and he gladly did.

Who could say no to such a juicy young Monstercock…

More from Koldo soon, but for now enjoy this first Video.


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The Casting Room: Shane



The Casting Room: Shane

New at TheCastingRoom.net, Shane is a skilled jujitsu fighter and fit personal trainer. He’s very experienced in the industry. That’s made him an extremely confident, easy-going straight man. He’s willing to do almost anything because he gets off on the experience. And here’s a new one … he was inspired to get into porn because his mum used to model topless and she encouraged him to do this! Good to know she’s proud of her boy. We expect a lot of good things out of this sporty stud.

The Casting Room: Shane

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Men.com: Connor Maguire and Addison Graham




Renowned porn star Connor Maguire has fallen for a fan, Addison Graham. They talk all the time but Connor can’t seem to get Addison to meet him in person. With a bit of help, Connor is knocking on Addison’s door and moments later he has his big ginger dick in his tight fanboy hole.


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ChaosMen: Cruz and Malik Flip Fuck – Bareback




Malik mentioned that he likes to Top when he is having sex with guys in private. His cock is ginormous, but he always seemed to get hardest when he was getting fucked. He told me Bryan knew he was going to be doing the fucking, he would totally be into it. Now to find someone who could take it.

Cruz said he was up to the challenge, but asked if they could flip-fuck, just in case his eyes were bigger than his hole.

Poor Cruz, after sucking on Malik, he quickly realized what he was up against. But at the same time, you could tell he was totally into servicing a giant cock. He did his best to get as much of it down his throat!


Malik tosses him back on to bed, and then shows him how good he sucks cock. After the shoot, Cruz said that was the best head he ever got on set, and asked to be hooked up with gay guys who knew what they were doing for future pairing. That made Malik feel great!

They 69 for a bit, and then rim each other’s holes.

Malik spun around to ride Cruz’s cock. The two were totally enjoying each other! Cruz gets a little wobbly so Malik slides off and cleans his cock until he is bone hard again. After the cock cleaning, he slides his cock back in him for more riding.

Now it was Cruz’s turn to bottom. It only took two tries. He was determined to get Malik‘s 10 inches in side of him. Second try he got it in. He is grimacing a bit, but finally relaxes and gets into it.

And what do you know? Malik IS a great Top! He fucks Cruz like a pro, proving he is not just a Bottom! For all you Bottoms who love the extra large cocks, you can put Malik on your radar now!

Malik wanted to cum that way, but admitted he would have to fuck a lot more aggressively than he thought Cruz could handle.

So they flip Malik on his back while Cruz fucks the cum out of Malik. Cruz coats his hole with his load, shoving the remaining squirts inside.

Malik spins around and cleans his cum-soaked cock!

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He’s Not Shaking His Cock, He’s Trying To Hypnotize Us!




Ok this is a really hot video but it doesn’t answer the question, does it hang to the left or to the right? Check this hot video from the Premium section of Sticky, and see how much this bearded hottie loves to shake his cock. In fact we believe he’s trying to hypnotize us with the movement, and it might be working! Make the jump to watch the full video and let us know what you think in the comments!


Visit Sticky to find more videos like this and don’t forget to follow the WankWank Revolution board!

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Corbin Fisher: Jasper Creams Asher



Corbin Fisher: Jasper Creams Asher

By now we already know that Jasper’s dick won’t quit and that Asher can take a pounding – but watching these freshmen discover themselves and let go more and more on camera is so tantalizing to watch!

Asher starts by taking Jasper’s uncut dick in his mouth, licking and sucking on it until it’s fleshy and solid. Jasper stares down on him the whole time, watching his dick getting the treatment it deserves.

Corbin Fisher: Jasper Creams Asher

Asher rides Jasper front and back and shows off what a bottom can do! Asher practically does all the nailing of himself for Jasper – and Jasper can lay back and enjoy the view! Even when they switch to doggy-style Asher thrusts back. This young man loves getting nailed and it’s obvious to everyone! Asher shoots his load all over his chest while Jasper piledrives him from above. Jasper pulls out when he starts to cum – but Asher wants that jizz in him! He gives Jasper the green light to cum deep in his ass – of course Jasper takes it!

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CockyBoys: Caleb King & Zak Bishop Flip Fuck



CockyBoys: Caleb King & Zak Bishop Flip Fuck
CockyBoys: Caleb King & Zak Bishop Flip Fuck

CockyBoys welcomes a new CockyBoy, Zak Bishop in his porn debut with scruffy hunk, Caleb King. Caleb is a dominant top who hammers away at his partners in all the best ways. Zak has that sweet, boy next door appeal. Together they surprise EVERYONE with an epic Flip-Fuck no one saw coming!!!

CockyBoys: Caleb King & Zak Bishop Flip Fuck

CockyBoys loves to pair guys who bring a bit of extra spice so pairing Zak with Caleb was a good way to welcome Zak. After some good seduction, Caleb started showing Zak the best way to be initiated is to get right into some heavy action. From Zak’s moans, Caleb was hitting all the right places. Then Zak turned the tables on Caleb and gave him some of his own action. This was one hot, sizzling CockyBoys initiation that neither Caleb or Zak will soon forget!!!

CockyBoys: Caleb King & Zak Bishop Flip Fuck

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CMNM.net – Co-worker Cornered in the Office Toilets



CMNM.net - Co-worker Cornered in the Office Toilets

At CMNM.net, Julian takes office lunch breaks that last all afternoon long so he can fuck the boss’ wife and build his body up at the gym. Meanwhile he gets his colleagues to do his work and accepts all the credit for it when he returns.

CMNM.net - Co-worker Cornered in the Office Toilets

His workmates are thrilled to get the opportunity to take advantage of this hot-bodied prick, cornering him in the filthy office toilets and using his body.

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CFNM.net – Chauvinist David




At CFNM.net, David‘s dismissive attitude to women has been replaced with one of fear. Being totally helpless like this is terrifying: He can do nothing to prevent the women from groping his genitals and spanking his bare backside.


It’s not just the pain that burns deep within him but also the sense of total humiliation. And as Lucinda passes the paddle on to Siobhan he almost breaks down.

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