Sketchy Sex: Ultimate Cum Dump


Hot bottom boy London just wanted another load, and this dude had him tied up and gagged. London was the ultimate cum dump for him and his buddies.


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All Australian Boys: Nelson

All Australian Boys: Nelson

Nelson is originally from Italy but loves Australia. He is very shy, as he had never done anything like this before, you will note this in his vids.

When he got his clothes off he had a hard cock in no time. It’s a nice uncircumcised cock with quite a big foreskin.

All Australian Boys: Nelson

The day when All Australian Boys were in Melbourne was the coldest day they have ever shot. So they tried to keep the outdoor shoot to a minimum. Nelson pulled himself till his creamy cum spurted all over himself.

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Falcon Studios: Bruno Bernal and Rocco Steele


Gymnast-bodied, Brazilian stud Bruno Bernal has come to see Dr. Rocco Steele for a check-up. Bruno is concerned that he cannot take his boyfriends big dick so Rocco decides to put Bruno’s hole to the test. Rocco reveals his thick, hung cock and Bruno lays back on the table to take Rocco’s meat down his throat. After probing Bruno’s tonsils with his cock, Dr. Rocco bends his patient over and spends extra time inspecting Bruno’s willing hole with his mouth.


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Raging Stallion: Chris Bines and Bruno Bernal


After a quick cool-off in the pool, Chris Bines and Bruno Bernal are too ‘Heated’ to make it to the bedroom, so they ditch their clothes in the hall and make out on the spot. Wandering hands find lengthy cocks and nipples to tease. Bruno dedicates his lips and tongue to Chris’ cock and nuts, eliciting groans, but he saves one hand to attend his own ferociously throbbing rod. Chris pulls Bruno to his feet and becomes the one to get on his knees. Grabbing Chris’ head, Bruno face fucks him hard.


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Next Door World: Jonah Marx and Archer Jacques


Jonah Marx gets more than he bargained for when he happens across the gym bag left by workout buddy Archer Jaques. As he lifts it up, out falls Archer’s little pink toy, and after tinkering with it for a second Jonah decides it might be fun to try, so he reclines on the couch and puts it to task, fucking himself with it manually before initiating the automatic controls on it.


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Bel Ami: Peter Arnaud and Marcel Gassion


While we all may have thought it brave of Andre to take of Joel‘s massive dick in Tuesday’s update, we all know better than that when it comes to Marcel, who has one main motto in life (of at least in bed) and that is ‘The bigger the better’. Peter thinks his dick is thick enough to provide a challenge here to Marcel and is very happy to find that when he sinks the entire length of his fat dick into Marcel the only reaction he can see is extreme pleasure. One thing for sure is that there is no holding back in this episode!


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Can A Sex Toy Make You Cum Like This?


A huge amount of cum jettisoned out of his dick! You need to see those powerful streams of man-made product, that Fleshjack practically sucked the seed out of his sack! If that’s the result of using his favorite sex toy, imagine him when there’s real action involved!

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Are you able to cum like him when you use your favorite sex device? Let us know in the comments!


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Sean Cody: Donny and Joey Bareback

Sean Cody: Donny and Joey Bareback

Blond cutie Donny is back after a bit of an absence, and boy have we missed him and his huge cock! Joey was lucky enough to get paired with him and was really excited to get that long rod inside of him.

“I want that cock!”

Donny gave him a hunter’s look, “Yeah? I’m gonna give it to you. You’re gonna get it, you’re gonna get it good!”

Joey’s anticipation continued, “I can’t wait!

Sean Cody: Donny and Joey Bareback

In the car on the way back to the house, Joey couldn’t contain himself. He had to see what he’d be working with.

“I got a little sneak peek outside, it looks big! Is it really big?”

He checked it out, and was pleasantly shocked. Donny smiled humbly, but he knew he’d give Joey the ride of his life.

“This will be fun!”

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Gayhoopla: Kyle Dean and Derek Jones


Kyle Dean has his physique competition coming up and needed some quick coaching for the final few weeks. Derek Jones has been lifting for years and has built many champions with his incredible training program. Coach always knows best and had Kyle Dean do some of his regular proven poses. Derek knew Kyle really wanted to win, so coach asked him he he’d do whatever it took to win. Kyle of course agreed and was super jacked on Derek’s professional help and advice. That’s when Derek started to get a little fresh with Kyle and had him strip naked.


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Corbin Fisher: Taft and Henry Get Busy

Corbin Fisher: Taft and Henry Get Busy
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There’s no mistaking what Henry wants here. He’s looking to get fucked!

He basically pounces on Taft, and doesn’t slow down after, stripping down and getting right to work sucking his dick. Seeing how bad Henry wants it brings out a Taft’s dominant side. “Suck on my toes like you suck on my dick” Taft demands. Then he tells Henry to come and ride his cock.

Corbin Fisher: Taft and Henry Get Busy

Both extremely apt in their role, Henry power-rides Taft – unable to get enough of Taft’s big cock! Begging to get fucked, Taft drills up to him and both guys moan, grunt and yell out over how good it feels! Taft doesn’t take it easy on Henry, switching from one hot position to another even hotter one over and over again – which is exactly how Henry wants! The two are so turned on by each other that they end up simultaneously cumming! When Henry starts shooting his load, seeing that juicy nut spraying all over pushes Taft over the edge!

Corbin Fisher 4th of July 50% Sale!

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