Sean Cody: Chase and Porter Bareback

Sean Cody: Chase and Porter Bareback

After a couple of years hiatus, Chase is back to fuck around with Porter!

“I’ve missed you guys, plain and simple!” We were curious about what he’s been up to.

“I’ve just been hanging out, working out, trying to get lean for the summer.”

You can definitely tell he’s been working on that body of his. Porter as well! So we had to take a look at their abs before they got down to business. They both look great!

Sean Cody: Chase and Porter Bareback

Chase really gave it his all, we guess being away for a few years got him all hyped up to pound ass. Porter took the hard pounding well, of course.

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CockyBoys: JJ Knight & Ricky Roman Flip-Fuck

CockyBoys: JJ Knight & Ricky Roman Flip-Fuck
CockyBoys: JJ Knight & Ricky Roman Flip-Fuck

CockyBoys brings a new scene with two of the sexiest CockyBoys hunks, J.J. Knight and Ricky Roman. J.J. has a 10 inch cock that fans and scene partners drool over. Ricky has a hunk next door quality with a big butt that is relished in different ways.

CockyBoys: JJ Knight & Ricky Roman Flip-Fuck

You know that moment when you meet someone and you have INSTANT chemistry with them?

JJ and Ricky together are that special combination of WOW you want to see. As sparks fly, so does the action that is enhanced by the big mirror in the room. There is nothing hotter than watching your reflection during sex making this partnership unforgettable!

CockyBoys: JJ Knight & Ricky Roman Flip-Fuck

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Steve Grand Seats With Davey Wavey For A Chat But His Bulge Steals The Show!


With the excuse of introducing his good friend Steve Grand to a new dating app, Davey Wavey sat with the “All-American Boy” singer and discussed about the common acronyms people often use on their online profiles to state the kind of things they are interested on. While they set up his profile, Steve charmingly faked ignorance play the naive card like he had never heard of those terms before. As the chat went on and on we started to notice that they weren’t alone in that room. Suddenly, it was Steve Grand, Davey Wavey and Steve Grand’s Bulge! With every answer he gave the protuberance in his crotch area started to demand our attention. And something must have been going on because Grand tried to cover his crotch with his hands more than a few times. Did he had a boner for Davey?!? Make the jump to judge for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments!

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PeterFever: ‘Too Much to Drink’ with Jessie Lee & Eli Lewis


Eli found Jessie by himself, drunk on the ground. Jessie started to let his emotions out and how he wanted Eli. He may be drunk but he wanted Eli bad. He flipped him over and started eating out his ass and completely overpowered him.


Watch Jessie Lee drunk in love with Eli Lewis in The Asiancy 10, Episode 12 “Too Much to Drink” at

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Next Door Raw: Dante Martin and Max Penn


Excitement is abound for Max Penn as he recounts the news of making the baseball team to his sister’s boyfriend, Dante Martin. Dante is thrilled for Max, but Max seems a bit preoccupied. Dante senses this and asks him what’s up, and Max reveals that he’s carrying quite a bit of tightness and tension in his shoulder and it has him worried for his start in the big game. Worried that he may not be able to pitch in his debut, concern has turned to stress, which is sitting right in the back of Max’s neck, so Dante offers to massage the tightness away.


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The Male Form: Jiri

The Male Form: Jiri

The Male Form presents Jiri who is a dashing chap with a nice muscular body and a beautiful cock. Jiri’s bouncy butt as he lathes his body with shower foam is just hard to resist. DAYUM!

The Male Form: Jiri

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Mormonboyz: Elder Dudley and President Nelson


When Elder Dudley’s alarm goes off, he groans and hits snooze. But he’s not alone in the bed — Elder Sorensen is sprawled out on his furry chest.

Dudley is exhausted from fucking all night long, but he has an appointment with with his favorite Mormon muscle daddy, President Nelson, and he doesn’t want to be late.


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William Higgins: Martin Dudas


Martin Dudas is from Ostrava. This hot straight guy is aged 19 and is a student. He enjoys girls, cycling and fitness. What a fine looking guy Martin is and he looks so good as he bares his sexy chest, posing to let us enjoy it. then he lowers his jeans and shows off his bulge. Turning to one side he lowers the underwear and reveals his sexy ass.


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Gayhoopla: Collin Simpson


What’s there not to like about Collin Simpson. He’s truly is a great kid with a huge cock and beautiful body. He has one of the best attitudes of any model we’ve ever filmed. Extremely confident and excited to enter the industry. He’s about 5’11″ and weighs about 175lbs and wants a job in uniform. He’s fucking HOT!


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1It isn’t a challenge for Jessy Ares to score shy Spaniard Dario Beck out on the streets. Though leery at first, all it takes is Jessy’s naked muscled body to get Dario in the mood for a suck and fuck in this dark and dank Euro bar. Jessy milks Dario dry by ferociously plowing the sexy Spaniard’s hairy hole.


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